As a company

Our Vision

We believe digital technology can transform Agriculture and will pave the way for sustainable development. We want to be a market leader in providing solutions that improve the lives of stakeholders in the trade by bringing in value, efficiency and throughput.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of every stakeholder in the Agri ecosystem such that farming is transformed to be sustainable

Our Story

Our founding team members are from a mountainous coffee growing region in southern India that roughly grows 3% of the world’s coffee. Over the years, rising production costs and climate change has adversely affected growers from this region economically. Owing to these factors, coffee farming is seeing a steep decline.

Helping these coffee growers have easy access to coffee trade has been a primary motivation to starting AgriChakra. Being technologists by profession, we believe that re-telling stories of these growers and the sustainable coffee that they grow via our platform will help buyers make informed choices. We at AgriChakra, are hoping to create a social impact and this is our first step towards presenting their stories for the world to see and hear. 

Our Affiliation

Coffee Board of India

We are currently incubated at the center for entrepreneurship development. This is a premier incubation center set up by coffee board of india and Atal Innovation mission which is Indian Government’s flagship initiative to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in India.